Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Labor Day Weekend, the time most of us get our last fun trip in before school. So I would like to share a fond memory of a Labor Day event. It was 21 years ago, just 10 days before my scheduled C-Section. It had been an unusually hot summer in Eugene, OR and Dave and I thought an ice cream treat was in order. We headed over to our favorite downtown, Italian restaurant for some of their delicious, freshly made Spumoni. Dave went inside to order ice cream and I waddled over to a table for two on the sidewalk. As he returned with our treats the man and woman at the next table began to sing a little song. Dave was so enthralled with the song he asked the man to sing it again and again, until he had it down. It was two or three rounds, which was a delight to the small crowd. No one gave money however. But no one threw tomatoes either.

So...every Labor Day we sing the song and it takes us back to the time we enjoyed as a couple, the anticipation of our new baby and the tasty goodness of freshly made Spumoni. Here are the words to the song that is sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.

Oh, Labor Day, you day of days,
how dear you are to me.
We'll load the family in the car
and camp out by the sea.
In gray and stormy weather,
or sunny, bright and gay,
I know that you will always be
my favorite holiday.
Whatever you do this Labor Day, take time to make a memory. Sing this little song, you never know who will hear and you may make a new friend.


  1. Ahhhh...what a nice memory Sheila. I could hear your voice as I read the post. Sure do miss you guys. Good luck in Greenville!

  2. What a perfect thing to share on Labor Day, thank you!

    I still can't get used to not being in Portland on Labor day...I have so many fun memories of being in the Holiday Inn across from the convention center with all my Rubber Friends. :)