Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Girls travel to Heirloom's York, PA Show.

We got A-44 and A-45 boarding passes for our South West 737. So we weren’t at the back of the bus, yea! We waited patiently for the pilot to announce we had reached our cruising altitude so we could begin crafting. And we crafted in a really BIG way.

As we set our trays in the work mode, Nikki pulled out the Christmas cards she had prepped in our hotel room the night before we flew out. She used Heat-N- Bond on the backside of the fabric which makes the fabric like paper to cut. Then she cut out the cute mittens and hats from the fabric. By peeling off the paper backing she was able to iron the cut-outs onto the paper cut for her card front. It’s a pretty cool system if you want to use fabric scraps, match a scrapbook page to a child’s outfit, or whatever you can dream up. As you can see from the picture, the card is a pretty blue with an embossed snowflake white paper on top. Nikki used her embossing pad to make a random swipe on the edges of the white card and then embossed with silver powder. It looks like a frosty winter window pane. She used blue floss to string the mittens and hats and a pewter finish snowflake brad to attach the wintry embellishments to the cardstock.

Nikki kept me busy by passing the white snowflake embossed cardstock so I could add a flash of glitter to some of the snowflakes. I used the Quickie Glue Pen and some iridescent glitter. Now here’s what you need to factor in when working with glitter on a plane. There are some small, yet powerful air vents overhead…yea, you got the picture. Even though I had carefully placed a piece of paper on the tray to collect the glitter and replace it in the jar, some of it blew around. I ended up wearing some major sparkle. I could hear Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear saying, “Glitter is not age appropriate for me.” I’m so glad we had already passed through airport security.

Sometimes we get folks peaking over our seats and then the discussions begin. What are you doing? Did they let you on the plane with those scissors? Do you knit, also? Is this your job? Sometimes we hear about their hobbies. But this time…folks stayed away! Not a word from flight attendants or fellow passengers. Humm! Maybe it was the GLITTER!

Well, it’s a great way to entertain ourselves for four hour flights when no movies are offered.

Oh, now here’s the funny part of the glitter for me. I did not realize the volume of glitter I was wearing. I got up to use the lavatory and there was a gentleman ahead of me. We started talking about the need to stretch as we were both twisting in the small waiting area. I looked down at my shoes and glitter was actually falling all around me. I took hold of the hem of my shirt and shook it…a sprinkling of glitter covered the floor. When I got into the lavatory and looked in the mirror it looked like Tinker Bell had just prepared me for a trip to Neverland. I found myself wondering what the gentleman ahead of me was thinking about my appearance. Probably the same thing Stacy and Clinton would think, glitter is not age appropriate. Or maybe he wondered what I did for a living. Either way, we had fun and we stayed in our seats most of the time.

Food that satisfies!

Nikki and her family found Five Guys while on vacation. So last year she took me to the Five Guys in York. What a treat! Lively servers, newspaper and magazine articles on the walls proclaiming their goodness, as well as letters from satisfied customers, peanuts in the shell, yummy burgers, and the best part…freshly made French fries where small orders are actually super-sized.

Friday night after set-up and the Design & Treasure Class we met Greg from Marco’s to please our taste buds and fill our tummies. Isn’t this great looking food? We loved it.

Our Friend Janie

Janie, the founder of Stamp-ede, in York, passed away this year. We miss her, as do so many. Deb and her crew put together a picture board to remember her at the show this year. Many people still were not aware of her death and took time to share their memories of her.

Nikki and I loved to visit with Janie on Saturday night after the show. She would keep the store open and have guests do make & takes or teach classes. Janie would keep us in stitches as she shared stories from her life. She knew how to keep the humor in tough situations. A survivor of breast cancer, battled many other health issues, and with limited sight Janie still lived life with joy. One day she

told of getting her eyes tattooed so she did not need to think about putting make-up on. Too difficult to see if the eye liner is straight. It’s all about a girls priorities.

We would tease Janie and tell her that you had to do aerobic shopping in her store because the aisles were small and the product went from the floor to nearly the ceiling. If the customer made a request she would do her best to get the merchandise.

Janie did a great job in supporting the exhibitors, shows and customers. She had a good grasp of the big picture and often made others the most important perspective. We miss her but know she has blessed us all with good memories because she invested in the lives of all she knew.

Stamp-ede is still going strong due to the great crew Janie hired. They would love to see you and hear your stories of the Queen of Stamps.

Nikki Takes A Class

Nikki signed up for Beth from Endless Creations class. She had fun visiting with Beth and making 5 cards with unusual folds. They used the Cuttlebug folders and many punches, as well as stamps from Beth’s line.

Fun At The Show

We had a good time at the show. So many first time attendees. They needed all the stuff and the exhibitors were glad to help them make selections. The demos and make & takes were heavily attended. Many came back on Sunday to get a closer view of the demos because of the crowds on Saturday.

As the fall season is beginning we couldn’t help but notice all the customers wearing beautiful embroidered shirts with autumn designs. We don’t have so many pretty deciduous trees on the coast of Oregon, mostly firs. It’s a delight to see the fall colors of the eastern states.

Here’s a shot from the middle seat in our row as we flew over Mount Hood. We know we’re almost ready to land when the snow capped mountains appear. Isn’t it beautiful? We live in a wonderful country.

Here’s a picture of the Pacific Ocean from our town of Newport, OR.

These are highlights from our trip to York, PA. We’ll see you next year October 9 & 10.

It won’t be long before we begin our Stamping Shenanigans in Fort Wayne, IN.

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  1. I'm following your blog and will see you on Saturday, in 2 days,in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and can hardly wait! Perhaps I will wear something glittery just to make you giggle. Unfortunately I can't see any pictures-waahhh, but I can picture the scene well from your descriptions. Can we still get in the show an hour early if we pre-bought our tickets? Just wondering & extremely excited. Suetta from Indy